New Book Announcement

There is a new book in the works that is unlike any of my other books. My previous works are non-fiction novels that had been in my head for years. However, this new book tells my journey through life knowing I had certain “abilities” but not understanding them or what to do about them. This book explores how I discovered I could actually communicate with spirits (those that had passed on), spirit guides (those that were helping me on this journey), and the messages I have received directly from Jesus and God. This book is completely different because there is no place in which the story has been fabricated. It tells how as a Christian, I felt torn between doing what I thought was expected of me by my relatives and God or being myself and possibly risk my salvation; because I was repeatedly told these abilities went against everything Christian. I hope this book will help others in similar situations to see they do not have to give up who they are, who God made them to be!

The title of the book is “Following My Arrow”. As you may have noticed, I have another book titled Fallen Arrow, That book is based on true events as well that either happened to me, that I witnessed first-hand, or happened to someone I personally know. Arrow is one of my spirit guides that has been with me for many years. I am able to communicate with him daily and know he is there to lead me on this journey.

Please stay tuned for more news regarding this and other upcoming projects.

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