The story behind the price change….

As I lay in bed the other night, thinking of a blue billion things I could have, should have, and would have done that day (as I always do); it occurred to me that I wasn’t fully satisfied with the overhaul that’s been happening on my website nor the pricing. So I began talking to my guides as to where this unhappiness lay and why–

They immediately drew my attention to the ordering page. I needed to integrate more payment options and the pricing seemed generic. I was told to look for a payment widget as well as a calendar widget to help with actually setting the appointments. I was also informed to make the pricing specific “angel numbers” with specific meanings. Now, I still haven’t found a calendar widget I’m happy with {{eye roll on my pickiness and indecisiveness}} but I do like the payment app of Stripe. Very user friendly and easy to set up.

We are almost there folks, where I have a fully integrated website for payments and scheduling!!

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