Angel Number of the Day (6/27/2021)

Interesting that the number 1 has appeared for me again, the second number for this day is 519. Regardless if a number was just used in a previous post, the description will be applied again because it is a new day!

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Angel Number 1

Number 1 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings, creation, independence, uniqueness, motivation, striving forward and progress, ambition and will power, positivity and positiveness, the energies of pioneering, raw energy, force, activity, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition, the masculine attributes, organization, achievement and success, strength and self-reliance, tenacity, forcefulness and authority, love, inspiration, attainment, glory, happiness, fame, fulfilment and omniscience, and creating your own realities.

Angel Number 1 asks you to be aware of your thoughts and focus upon your true heart’s desires so that they are able to positively manifest your desires into your life. Do not focus on your fears and what you don’t want as these can also manifest.

Angel Number 1 encourages you to look to new beginnings, opportunities and projects with a positive and optimistic attitude as these are appearing in your life for very good reason. Your angels want you to achieve and succeed with your desired goals and aspirations so do not hesitate in taking positive steps and striving forward. Do not allow fears, doubts or concerns to hold you back from living and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission

Angel Number 1 also encourages you to take up challenges with total faith and trust in yourself and the Universal Energies.


Number 519 is a blend of the energies and attributes of number 5 and number 1, and the vibrations of number 9. Number 5 resonates with major life changes, making important choices and decisions, promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, adventure and life lessons learned through experience. Number 1 resonates with new beginnings, initiative and inspiration, self-leadership and assertiveness, striving forward and progress, achievement and success, attainment and fulfilment. Number 1 encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, and reminds you that you create your own reality. Number 9 adds its influences of leading by positive example, philanthropy and lightworking, the concept of karmaspiritual enlightenment and the Universal Spiritual Laws. Number 9 also relates to endings, closures and conclusions.

Angel Number 519 is a message to follow your intuition and go with the flow of the changes taking place in your life as they are appearing for your benefit and will present new opportunities that will advance you along your spiritual and material/physical paths.  

In order for positive changes to manifest in your life, it is important to release the past. Release and let go of the ‘old’ and know that it has served an important function whilst in your life. Invite in the ‘new’ and detach from the ‘old’ with love and gratitude. Release old shackles of restraint to make room for ‘new’ in your life and stay positive about yourself, your life and your future.

If you have recently gone through a job loss or end of a relationship, expect it to be replaced with something better suited. Trust that the angels and Universe are working in your favor, and new opportunities will present in the very near future.

Angel Number 519 encourages you to live your life as a positive example to others as you have the abilities and talents to lead and guide others in positive ways. Put your lightworking skills to good use … the world needs you to shine your light.

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