Angel number for 7/9/2021

UPDATE: Hey y’all! I apologize for the delay in the numbers of the day (week), this post got hung up in posting but here is yesterday’s post.

Well it has been awhile since my phone randomly took a screenshot… and today it took 2— 4 minutes apart. I found it odd so I am including the number 4 as well ūüôā Anywho, the numbers for today are 220 and 224 (information obtained from Joanne Sacred Scribes)

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First let start with the number 4 because these #screenshots were taken 4 minutes apart.

Number 4 resonates with the vibrations and energies of practicality, organization and exactitude, service, patience, devotion, application, pragmatism, patriotism, dignity, trust and trust-worthiness, endurance, loyalty, mastery, building solid foundations, conservatism, determination, production and hard work, high morals, traditional values, honesty and integrity, inner-wisdom, security, self-control, loyalty, conscientiousness, reality and realistic values, stability and ability, progress, management, justice, seriousness, discipline, system and order, maintenance, constructiveness, dependability and conviction. Number 4 also represents our passion and drive and encourages us to work harmoniously yet diligently to achieve our goals and aspirations. Number 4 is the number that represents the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and the four sacred directions, North, South, East and West. Number 4 also resonates with the energies of the Archangels.

Angel Number 4 is an indication that your angels are offering you love, support, encouragement and inner-strength, enabling you to do what you need to do and achieve your goals with diligence and proficiency. When you take positive action towards your highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe works in your favor and helps you to establish solid foundations and advance you along your path.

Angel Number 4 indicates that your angels are around you and that you are able to call upon them for help, guidance and assistance whenever you feel the need. Trust that you have all the skills, talents and abilities to overcome any obstacles and achieve your highest aspirations.

Angel Number 4 also encourages you to put proper preparation into your plans and set things in motion with system and order so that you can achieve your goals and aspirations.


Number 220 is a blend of the attributes and vibrations of number 2, the energies of number 22 and the influences of number 0. Number 2 resonates with duality and polarity, service to others, faith and trust and intuition, insight, encouragement and your life purpose. Number 2 appears twice, relating it to the Master Number 22 (Master Builder) Р the number of philanthropy and service to humanity. Number 22 is the number of Archangel Raphael and resonates with vision, practicality and common sense. Number 0 represents the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for potential and/or choice, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 powerfully amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with.
Angel Number 220 is a message from your angels that with ongoing positive expectations, thoughts, affirmations and visualizations you will manifest your expected outcomes. Maintain your connection to the angels and the Universal Energies, and listen to your intuitive and angelic guidance.

Angel Number 220 relates to ‘Divine Timing’ and encourages you to maintain hope, faith and trust as this will¬†manifest your desired results.¬†Certain aspects and factors need to fall into place before your desired result can come to fruition. Be patient whilst things are being organized behind the scenes by your¬†angels¬†and the Universe. The message is to hold onto your faith and trust and be patient a little while longer. Trust that you will achieve your desired results and outcomes.

Put your energies into the basics and let go of excess. Focus on the simple things and the complex will take care of itself.


Number 224 is a blend of the attributes of number 2 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the energies of number 4. Number 2 carries the vibrations of duality, partnerships and relationships, diplomacy and adaptability, sensitivity and selflessness. Number 2 also resonates with faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 4 resonates with working steadily towards goals and aspirations with practicality, system and order, self-initiation, building solid foundations and enthusiasm coupled with determination. Number 4 also resonates with the energies of the Archangels.
Angel Number 224 brings a message to believe in yourself and your skills, talents and abilities. You have a great deal of work ahead of you, but rest assured that you will have all that you need, both within you and materially, to achieve success and personal fulfilment. Your goals are worth working for. Have faith in your angels and ask for their guidance and assistance whenever you wish. Surrender your worries and fears for transmutation and healing.

Angel Number 224 is a sign that your angels are sending you positive energies to boost your self-belief, confidence and self-esteem. The work, will and effort you have contributed in the past has lead to solid foundations and stability, and you are encouraged to trust yourself and your intuition. Know that you are on the right life path.

Stop and feel grateful for all that you have in your life and appreciate and accept the countless blessings yet to come.

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